Simple solution for maternal stains

Pregnancy starch mark be good in it, stretch marks will be less.

After childbirth, a mother becomes anxious about her own body in different ways. One of these is the maternal stain or the Stretch Mark. It is possible to get rid of these trace marks effortlessly if some follow the rules.

There is no reason to be afraid of pregnancy starch marks. Stretch marks are not dangerous for children and mothers. This stain is made on the skin due to childbirth. Without the bad look, this stain has no bad effect. We have a misconception that Stretch Mark only appears in the abdomen. Not really. The stomach, Thai, chest, lower back, that is, the area where there is more fat in the body, there is a danger of being visible.

Usually this stretch mark appears on the head of pregnancy twenty weeks. At this time weight increased by about 9 to 12 kg. After this, weighing half a kilogram per week increases. Suddenly, due to so much weight gain and increasing, a stretch mark appears in Pregnancy’s Third Trimester.


It can be all pregnant women. Although many people feel low the risk of having a stretch mark is less when the weight is low. Because even during pregnancy, the body is not too thick. But this idea is wrong. During pregnancy, women with lesser weight were also torn apart from skin and tissue. Later, many people are well-advised and many are scared. Ninety percent of pregnant women have a stretch mark. There is nothing to be embarrassed at. It’s a normal thing like your child. There is no reason to worry about it.



During this time special care will be on the stomach skin. It can also result in mental peace. So keep the skin as hydrates as possible during pregnancy. Vitamin E eat more than rich foods. Such as fish, pulp, nuts etc. Vitamin C is rich in fruits and vegetables. Must eat tomato they will act as antioxidants. The skin and tissue will recover very soon. Eat lots of water. Use moisturizers or olive oils at least twice a day. Exercise regularly. Blood pressure will be good in it, stretch marks will be less. However, according to the advice of the physician….

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