The rules for eating birth control pills

Short-term birth control methods – drink diet rules, benefits-disadvantages:

As both of the busyness and awareness are increasing now, all couples want to keep a couple of gaps between the two children. No one wants to take long-term commitment to birth control. Rather try to find ways to start and stop easily. Today you will know about birth control pills.

 The rules for eating birth control pills:

Pill can be started on any day in the fifth day from the first day of the period. After eating the meal on a daily basis, the pill will be eaten. After 21 days have to eat. After that one week off, new packets will be started.

If you forget one day, you will have to drink two pill on the next day. Currently, 21 packs 7 and 24 plus 4 pill packets are available in the market. The advantage of this is that there is no use to remember or forget.

After 28 days, the new packet starts. The women who want to take the baby have to stop eating pills 3-4 months before. However, it is better to decide which type of pill should be consumed by specialist doctor’s advice. So many side effects can be avoided.

 Peel does not apply to:

  1. 40 pills for upper females do not apply. There is a possibility of heart disease.
  2. Newly-born women should not drink more pills than the levels of estrogen. This can reduce breast milk.
  3. Women who have migraine problems
  4. The women who have high cholesterol in blood
  5. Those who have diabetes
  6. Women who have high blood pressure

Those who have a stroke risk

Do not forget to eat pill:

Many women forget to eat regular pills. It can lead to unwanted pregnancy. If you forget about two to three days of the first seven days of starting the pill, the pill is more likely to not work. One day, if you forget to eat pill, the pill will be eaten the next day. If you forget to drink the pill after two days or three days, you should continue eating pills of that month and the rest of the month will be used condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy. After that, we will have to start drinking the pill in the previous rule.

Pill after eating pills, a lot of time with the vomiting could leave the pill. In this case, it will be seen how long after drinking pills vomiting. There is no problem when vomiting a pill two hours later. But before that, one more pill will be eaten. Even if it is vomiting, but after a little recovery, one more pill will be eaten.

  • Some medicines reduce the efficiency of the pills. So those who drink Peel Khan should consult the doctor before taking any medication. Otherwise, there will be no fruit yielding the pills.

Advantages of eating pill:

Apart from birth control, there are several pill facilities. Such as:

Those whose irregular period, their period is regular.

  1. Inhibition of pelvic inflammation, some diseases of the breast, and cysts etc. can be prevented.
  2. Keeping a non-periodic holiday without taking a pill or keeping one month fast during Ramadan does not create any problems.
  3. Reduces the possibility of using ovarian cyst, anemia, arthritis, atopic pregnancy, genital inflammatory disease, etc. in regular pills.
  4. The oral contraceptive pill is helpful for those with acne problems.
  5. Problems that can play pills
  6. Suffering depression or depression
  7. Headache
  8. The temperament is irritable
  9. Vomiting and vomiting
  10. Weight gain
  11. Difficulty in sight or blurred vision
  12. Breast pain
  13. Periodic bleeding
  14. Sexual interest decreases
  15. Period closure
  16. The pill is eaten at the same time every day
  17. More than 3 years of pills, glucoma is played
  18. Tension
  19. Abdominal pain

 Oral pill utility for nursing mothers:

Breastfeeding mothers should not eat oral pills, it is a misconception. Many people think breast feeding and there is no need for different contraception. This idea is not perfect either. If the child is completely breastfed, that means, if the child does not do anything for water, honey, one or two bottles of milk at night, then there is less chance of having 3-4 months of pregnancy. But it is not fully proved. Although the period is closed, there may be many times during pregnancy. Sometimes the baby can come to eat anything other than breast milk. So it is better for them to use mini pills with progesterone hormone. This will not change the amount of breast milk and its quality.

The doctor should consult with the symptoms that are before/after the pill :

  1. Women who have migraine problems should consult a doctor before drinking their pills.
  2. The women who have high cholesterol in the blood, those who have diabetes, hypertension and those who are stout, can increase the risk of food stroke. It is very important to consult a doctor about eating women’s pill.
  3. If there is depression or depression due to eating regular pill, women should seek medical attention.
  4. People who drink more pills are more prone to Venus thromboemblism.
  5. There is no side-effect in contraceptive pills. But if there is more bleeding then the doctor should consult.
  6. After taking pill, if you have chest pain, release blood with cough or see any abnormalities, you should take help from the doctor.

 Even after drinking the pill that can lead to pregnancy:

  • If you do not practice pill, you can get pregnant. .
  • The pill efficiency is reduced by not playing pill at every time.
  • The pill does not work for some special treatment methods. For example, treatment of Rfadine for tuberculosis reduces the effectiveness of pills for anti-fungal drugs for gyesophalvins.
  • The effect of contraceptive pill may be lost due to any herbal supplement.

 The things that should be cautious before eating the pill:

Before eating the first child, it is better not to drink pill. Thereafter, there may be a serious problem in holding the baby. Having a pill after a child can lead to complications later in childbirth. There may also be symptoms of various types of physical problems including weight gain.


Do not you just want to have a baby? Short-term birth control pills are hesitant about eating? To prevent unwanted birth control and to fix menstruation, many women ate short-term birth control pills. But there are many misconceptions about eating pills. Although there are some primary physical problems in the treatment of pills, it is easy to deal with balanced diet, exercise during peel periods and healthy living.

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