What is the way to quit masturbation?

Regular masturbation is good for the body. But if it does too much and the body does not take care of that ratio, then there may be physical and emotional fatigue. It should be kept in mind that it does not become addictive. For those to whom it seems like addiction and want to reduce their life, some arrangements can be made for them-

1. First of all, remember that masturbation or self-love is not a sin or crime. It is a natural process of animals. Do not do this by reprimand, sin, or guilt. If that happens, it will always turn around in the head and will be able to get rid of it again.
Remember you are human And people make mistakes only. If you think that it is wrong after you have done it then do not regret it. Do not punish yourself. Rather, be determined to stay firm in the future.

2. Throw things away that move you towards masturbation, stay away from them.
If you want to get rid of excessive masturbation, then waste them if there are porn movies or glasses. Burn or tear Remove from the hard drive or memory immediately. Before using the Internet, go to Parental Control in the browser and block the ad content.
Garbage now if there is any physical union.
Mark the time when masturbation is over. If you are excited about bathing or going to sleep, or at some point of time, if you have a desire to do it, then immediately take any physical work. Such as booked or any other exercise. As long as the body becomes tired, that is, there is no power to masturbate, then do that work or exercise. Just wake up while bathing, use only cold water and leave the bath immediately after bathing.
Lazy brain devil factory. Always be busy with some work. Keep scheduling schedules ahead of time. Then go to work one by one. The idea of masturbation will not come in mind.
Those who spend more time alone, whose friends are less, they have more frequent masturbation. Spend time with friends not alone. Do something alone with friends without watching the TV alone. If you do not have friends, do not sit at home and spend more time in public place.

3. Use time rather than sit down. Fill life with creative activities. If you tend to do something new all the time, then the matter of masturbation will be removed from the head. With this, all other bad things will be lost from life. You can realize life in new ways, find new ways to survive.
Get involved in creative work. You can write, sing songs, draw, or do whatever you can.
Make regular sports. Exercise. It will create discipline in mind. You can walk regularly, can run, swim, and go to gym. Football in the afternoon, cricket – do whatever you want.
Eat healthy and nutritious food. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
Get on with a new hobby or a hobby. You can make gardens, do your own cooking, do more to do more. Do whatever you like, do that. After some time try to do something new or try again.
Get involved in social activities when there is an endless time. Get involved in the work for the country and the ten.

4. Be patient. Get rid of one day’s addiction, it will not be so. If there is concentration, then gradually go out from any addicts. Sometimes it will be wrong. Do not give up and leave all of them frustrated. Learning from the mistakes will come back again.
If you do well, then reward yourself. Go around in a place like this. You will come to a good restaurant and eat it. Buy yourself a small gift and keep them in front of your eyes and think that such a thing got you for good work.

5. Do not make mistakes to help others. Share the room with someone in the night while masturbating. Keep the window open and sleep in the light. When you see that you can not succeed alone in all your efforts, then friends, family, doctors – they can be helped. There is nothing to shame here.

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