What do lemon use?

The effectiveness of lemon is not limited to the taste of our food and drinking lemon juice to satisfy our efforts. There are many more uses of lemon.

Many of us do not know about these uses. Let’s take a look today and see what you can do with your near lemons.

1) Brushing the stain from the clothes-
To remove the stains from the cloth, rub the lemon out on the scars well. The lemon citric acid will remove the stains. Then wash the clothes in cold water. The problem, the solution to the problem.

2) Increase the brightness of nails-
Sometimes, due to various types of work, nails of the hand become dirty and faded. The spots also fall on the nails. To get rid of these problems, sink in the Nakhon lemon juice for only 10 minutes. Bring back the nail to the brightness.

3) Release from Blackheads-
Before going to bed at night, apply the nose and nose on each day, lemon juice. Wash the next morning with cold water. Thus, every day the Romakupa fanatic will get smaller and get rid of the Blackhead problem forever.

4) To bring back the lost brightness of white cloth-
White clothes were several times when it washed. To solve this problem, mix half a cup of lemon juice in 2 mg of water and keep the dip for a while. Then wash it well with water. You will see the lost brightness of white cloth is back.

5) Throat pain and release from flux-
Cut a lemon in the middle and hold it on the anvil. When the color of the lobar cut becomes brown, then mix it with 1 teaspoon honey in the lemon chip. Or 4 teaspoons of lemon juice, 1 cup honey, and half cup olive oil and keep it warm for 5 minutes. If this mixture is cool, then drink 1 teaspoon every two hours. Get the solution to the problem quickly.

6) Release from dandruff-
Mix 2 tablespoons lemon juice into 2 cups of water. Wash the hair after shampooing with this mixture. Keep in mind that the mixture takes over the head skin. Very quickly get rid of the problem of dandruff.



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