Interesting facts about human body

99 Interesting facts about human body

– Blood donation does not reach the sole place in the human body, it is the eye cornea that receives oxygen directly from the air.
– Like the brain’s hard disk in the human body, which has a capacity of more than 4 terabytes.
– A new born baby can once again breathe 7 months of breath.
– Your skull is made of 29 different buds.
– Sending commands to nerve brains, 277 kilometers per hour
– The electronical transmission of an ordinary person’s brain is equal to the whole world’s phone connection.
– As much as the amount of carbon in a normal human body is possible, it is possible to make 900 pencils, and with as much potassium as possible, it is possible to fill 50 liters of barrel with a toy to blow up the cannon and have as much water as possible.

– Human heart pumps 182 million times of blood during his lifetime.
– 50,000 cells are dying and they are born when you read this sentence in your body.
– Every person’s hand print is different and every fingerprint is different.
Women’s heart moves loudly from the men.
– A gentleman named Charles Osborne has hiccups for 68 years of life!
– Left-handed, right-handed, live for 9 years.
14. Two or three people in their head bend their heads right at the time of their kiss.
15. 100 hundred and ninety 90 people forget about their sleeping dreams.
16. A person’s blood vessel’s length is 100,000 km
17. The speed of one’s breathing is more than the summer since winter
18. People can remember 1 million names together.
19. We spend our 80% temperature on the head.
20. When we are ashamed of our stomachs, then they also have red color.
21. When our body water decreases by 1% compared to body weight, we are thirsty, if the disease decreases by 5% and the disease decreases by 10% then death can occur.
22. There are 700 active enzymes on the same day.
23. Humans are the only animals who sleep under their backs.
24. On an average of 450 children on a 4-year child’s day
25. Only the people have the impression of kualas and fingers.
26.1% bacteria is enough to make a person sick.
27. Every living person on the island can be accommodated in a cube of 1000 sites meter.
28. The original name of organic stomach is Ambalikas.
29. The only person who does not treat each other sick.
30. A normal person takes an average of 7 minutes to sleep.
31.Dan elephants chew their food with the right gums and left-elephants left.
32. Only 7% people left-handed.
33. Apple and banana help a lot to reduce the weight of a person.
34. If a person has a whole life lifespan, its length will be 725 km.
35. If they have the power to shake their ears, 1/3 of them have the power to shake ears.
36. In the lives of one person, eight spiders eat accidentally.
37. The weight of the whole bacteria in a person’s body is 2 kg.
38.99% of calcium is in the teeth of a person.

39. A human’s lips are 100 times sensitive to the fingers.
40. During a kiss, a human heartbeat is 100 or more per minute.
41. The ability to chew your food more than 195 kilograms.
42.278 Tie bacteria are moving between each other while they are kissing, but 95% of it is not harmful.
43. Perthanobia is the symbol of Virgin.
44. If you combine all the iron in your body then you will become an iron chalk.
45. Broken fever is associated with 100 different viruses.
46. ​​Chewing gum chewing gum if a person kisses regularly is worse than that.
47. You can reduce your caloric intake every hour if you wake up your head at the wall.

48. Humans are the only creatures capable of running straight line.
49. Human body changes the body of his body 1000 times or more times.
50. One person who consumes one pack of cigarettes per day, in one year, consuming 1/2 cup of it.
51. Men lower their eyes than men.
52 Apatet, Aragonite, Calcite, and Christbital, the human body is just four minerals.
53. Kiss is the same hormone from the brain, which is the time to shoot from Sky Dive, and guns.
54. If the rate of growth of adolescent is 1.3, then women 1.2
55. The nails of the hand are 4 times faster than feet.
56. Nilal people are very sensitive to people.
57. It is not possible to move the human brain more than 90m / s.
58.1 million chemical reactions occur every second in the human body.
59. The genus is depleted on its back, but some people get it published.
60. Even if the young children are all one, their teeth will not be united.
61. Human breathing is equal to a tennis court.
62. Humans spend their whole life to kiss two weeks.
63. The facial scales from the hair of the ear are quickly grown.
64. White blood cells live 2-4 days in the human body.
65. The strong muscles of all the people are strong muscles.
66. The weight of one adult person is 2220-260 g.
67. During a generation, a baby brain has 14 billion cells.
68. A baby has 300 bones during the generation but 206 of the normal people.
69. The largest bowel of human beings is 2.5 meters.
70. Your right lung can take more air than the left lungs.
71. On one hand, 23,000 inhuman and unhygienic lives on one mature person.
72. The smallest cells in men are sperm.
73. There are 40,000 bacteria in human face.
74. There are 2,000 Indians in taste.
75. Human eyes can see 10 million colors.
76. The chemicals that flow in the brain for the funeral are also available in chocolate.
77. The speed at which the blood flows, it is equal to taking water on the 4th floor.
78. One person spent a lot of calorie TV watching.
79. Children grow rapidly in the world.
80. Every year two million left-handed people have died.
There are 1 in 81.300 people who can satisfy people through their mouth.
82. When one ducks, he uses 17 masal and when the eyebrows are made, then use 43.
After 83.60, people lost a lot of their diet.
84. The human hair increases during the plenary.
85.1% people see Infra and Ultra-red light.
86. If you get stuck in a closed room, do not die due to lack of air. You will die of carbon dioxide venom.
87.2 billion people lived 1 in 116 years.
88. One 25 hours is called 4800 sentences.
89. There are 137 million lines of cesan cells in the heart.
90. Eyes grow as much as they were during birth, but ears and nose continued to grow.
91. Humans are taller in the morning than in the evening.
92. Your muscles work to make your eyes fixed.
93. There are many explosive substances present in the body.
94. There is a lot more to be done on Monday in the Heart Attack Week.
95. Hard rock steel is more than 5 times stronger.
96. It is impossible to keep the eyes open while sneezing.
97. Death is not necessary for a week or sleep.
98. Pedicular nails of human beings
99. Human average life expectancy is 2,475,576,000 seconds. In this period, an average of 123,205,750 words are said and approximately 4,233 times are involved in mating.

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