Human body structure

The details of the human body

Human body of the complex and wonderful structure.The structure of this structure is quite complex as well. How many hundred organisms of the stomach, heart, bone, eyes, brain, skin, muscles, spine, eyes, ears Millions of work in and around the body are completed every day? From the beginning of the book, we learn about the body parts and its activities. How many people test your own body. Here are 20 questions about various parts of the human body and work. After these questions were answered.

1. What is the name of the largest part of the human brain?

2. What is the name of the color that is in the human eye and how much light it enters the eye?

3. What is the name of the body of skin and hair color defining?

4. What is the muscles in front of the body of the Thai?

5. True or not, tell lies – the two prostitutes in the heart below the heart are known as a spinach.

6. What is made of nails?

7. What is the biggest organ of the human body?

8. What is the name of the bone inside the bone?

9. True or lie, adults have more than 500 bones in their body.

10. What is the lungs of the human body?

11. What is another name of the human ring?

12. What is the nose two holes?

13. Because of the special structure cells, people can understand the talk, sweet, bitterness and salinity through the tongue. What is the name of this cell in a particular form?

14. What is the bone that is made of bone?

15. What is the special form of DNA?

16. What is the spread of blood from the heart to the whole body?

17. What does the neck of the heart in the chest with the heart protect it?

18. What kind of long pipe-like organ that carries food from the throat to the stomach?

19. Do not tell the truth or lie – ears play an important role in balance.

20. What does the outside part of human skin?


1. Cerebrum 2. Iris 3. Melalin 4. Quadriceps 5. Truth
6. Carotene 7. Skin. 8. Sister marrow 9. False (206) 10. 2
11. Lorings 12. Nasrandra 13. Taste glands 14. At the Vertebre
15. Double helix 16. Blood Transfusion. 17. Ribs 18. Donnani
19. Truth. 20. Epidermis

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