Having a lot of hair after being a child? Find out easy 5 solutions

In pregnancy, the hair of women gets new life. The hair is quite dense and looks beautiful. But after the delivery of the baby, the hazard started. “Wherever we go, just hair and hair,” we hear many say. Because it’s too much hair. There are lots of hair in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the bathroom. It is but not in the absence of any vitamins. During pregnancy, the growth of the hormone called Astroxen leads to hair loss. This hormone decreases after delivery, so the hair falls. Which is very normal. It is normal to have hair for six months after delivery. Some have had hair fall for one year. Many said that due to the hair loss due to her hair, It is not possible to prevent the hair fall completely due to the hormonal, but there are some domestic ways that it can be easily removed from the hair.

Hot oil massage

A good conditioner for oil hair. During the night, using shampoo in the morning with oil oil – this method is very sensitive to many hair care women. Hot oil massage makes the hair more resilient. Because the massage of light-hot oil scalp increases blood circulation in the skin, which gives energy to the hair. If you use this method to reduce the problem of hair loss after pregnancy, then the heating of the hair reduces the heating of a massage gives one kind of tranquility. It will be best to choose the extra virgin grade coconut oil. Because it is pure, and rich in anti-oxidant and vitamin E

Which will take:

  1. A large deep spoon, especially pulse spoon, is good because the spoons are deep.
  2. Coconut oil (extra virgin grade)
  3. Coconut oil (extra virgin grade)
  4. Milk protein rich sampo

Take a little over a gas stove or a candle fire with coconut oil. Keep oil in a bowl after it becomes hot. While the oil is hot, gradually massage the oil with each hair shafts. Then cover the head with a towel while the towel is hot in the hot water. Keep the hair shampoo in about half an hour.

The white part of the egg

Eggs meet our daily protein needs. The white part of the egg can compensate for the hair protein deficiency. To keep the skin of the head healthy, pair of egg whites in the white part. A white pack of egg white part can be very good in preventing hair fall.

Which will need

  1. White egg of two eggs
  2. Coconut oil (extra virgin grade)

Mix coconut oil well with egg white part. Then apply hairstyle well. Put half an hour to wash the head in light hot water with proteins such as milky-rich shampoo. It will not only remove the hair, but the hair will be very smooth and soft. Do not get too much speed to manage.


The use of Amulki is very old in hair care. To strengthen the hair, ancient times advised to use ambulki. Amlaki is also found in street shops nearby. Needs are not low. Amalaki works very well with oil. Make a mixture of coconut oil with amalakira can be made at home.


Which will need

  1. One liter coconut oil
  2. Amalaki 10/12



Methio is an oldest element in hair care. Soak some of the methi water in the night. In the morning, put the water on the head and shampoo after half an hour. You will see the hair becoming stronger. You can also put the paste on the head with a matted bite. Fenugreek powder is available in the market. It also helps to prepare the paste in the water and put it on the hair. The way you apply it, wash it well by shampooing.

sour yogurt :

Many people think that the use of talk yogurt is best for hair care. The reason for this is its dairy-based protein which strengthens the hair follicles. Take it off the hair from the beginning of the hair and wash it in light hot water after half an hour. Also eating sour can be beneficial for hair. So try to eat every day.

Some more relevant things:

Hopefully these ways will help you to prevent hair fall after delivery. But look at some more issues. At least six months after childbirth, some facts about hair will be avoided. Such as tight hair can not be tied up and the hair color or stretch should be removed. It is likely to cause more damage to the hair.

Besides, the hair should always be kept in the mouth, it can not be allowed to dry. Dryer needs to be used for bathing so that the hair is not so wet. If the hair is too high, you can take a new cut, so that the hair can be managed. It is very difficult to care so much about the child, where there is no time for himself. It is better to go to the veranda than to comb your hair, then where you will be able to protect yourself from hair loss.


Hair is small or big, after pregnancy hair will fall. Some warnings and little care can keep your hair strong and sturdy. But despite much care, if you have too much hair, consult a doctor. Maybe there is a hair loss due to vitamin deficiencies. This is usually due to absence of irons, zinc alloys. But usually after the delivery of the doctor, the doctor recommends the necessary vitamins. If you have any other problem, you can get it from the doctor, but before using this method once you see it. Maybe the problem was overcome!

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