Dental flossing affects the reproduction process

Dental flossing affects the reproduction process

Sweet food, sweeteners, cakes, pastries, etc., are you reaching your hands? Its consequences are fatal. Regularly eating these foods, once a time, severe pain in the teeth. Then go to the toxic to the toxic holes in the teeth. Troubleshoot the head hair in pain Then the way? Fill the teeth to fill the teeth. And as soon as this filling is done, the defeat is as follows. The toxic mercury in the blood is entering. The brain, heart, kidney, lungs are affected. As a result, children may also be affected by autism. It is not the end here, it has some impact on body growth or

reproduction process.
The United States Georgia University’s research has found such deadly information.

Researchers say that people suffer from Chronic Illness, among them one of the biggest teeth in the teeth. And it’s a terrible pain. Everyone’s fond of painting, they used to fill the teeth. Amalgam, which is filling teeth, contains mercury, silver, tin and several other metals. However, the researchers found methyl mercury in excess. This is the alarm clock. Researchers say, danger is inevitable in the presence of this mercury. Fatal damage to the brain, heart, kidney, lung Reduces immunity.
But there is no problem once you have to fill the tooth twice. Due to the amount of mercury diluted in more than eight times, the danger increases by about 150 percent. Researchers say this.

What’s the alternative?
In this case, researchers say that filling of teeth can be done with smokeless composite resins. But the danger is also there. This is very low in bisaphenal emissions from the races. It has some effect on body growth or reproduction process.

So, avoid avoiding excess sweet foods to avoid danger, as well as regular dental care, researchers have advised. They said, do not suffer from the pain of the dentist if he has taken dental care from the beginning, it will not be filtered. It will be easy to survive from danger.

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