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Have you got married? Find out the birth control method

A breakthrough discovery of family freedom in the present world is the birth control system. This invention has greatly helped the nation to achieve its rights and rights. Not only this, it has guaranteed our family a beautiful and promising future. But there are different methods. Those who got married, many do not understand what method they will accept. We will discuss these methods today. You can take a look at which is convenient for you.

Types of birth control methods
Birth control methods are mainly divided into two parts.
Such as:
A) Traditional method b) Modern method.

A) Traditional method
The method that is traditionally introduced in the society in the family control of the number of family members is called traditional method. Such as
1) Recall or exaggerate: Sperm drop out of husband
2) Breastfeeding the baby
3) Stay safe
4) Prevention or self-restraint for a certain period of time.

B) Modern method
Modern methods can be divided into two parts. Such as:
1) Non-clinical and
2) Clinical method.

1) Non-clinical: The methods that men and women can use themselves without the help of others, are called non-clinical procedures. Such as:
• Food pills
• Condom

2) Clinical: The methods that men and women have to take to help the trained caretaker to use are called clinical procedures. Such as: temporary method and permanent method.
Temporary method
• Injection
• Norplant
Permanent method
• Male ligation – Vasceti
• Lactation of women – tuberculosis or ligation

The type of pills, dimensions, methodologies and advantages, disadvantages
Types of pills and dimensions
Different types of pills are available for birth control. For example: Norquest, Vivatet, Ovacon, Marvelon, C-5, Happy (short-range pills). There may be differences in hormonal levels in each type of pellet.

Work method
The ovaries obstruct the egg and prevent it from coming out.

• The higher the success rate.
• Unwanted pregnancy is very low.
• Sexual intercourse without excessive caution.
• Monthly routine.
• Menstrual bleeding is low. Menstrual pain reduces when it comes to pain.
• Due to regular pills, many women get better health.
• Iron deficiency is less for iron pills.
• Reduces the risk of cancer in ovaries and erosion membranes. PID (Pelvic infection) is low.
• Pregnancy can be done by stopping pills.

• Every day thinks to eat.
• Those who smoke cause more complications.
• Tumor or jaundice can not be used. Monthly changes can happen.
• Weight can increase.
• The mood is irritable.
• Pregnancy can be delayed after the procedure is stopped.
• There is no role in preventing HIV / AIDS.

Success rate is higher. Unwanted pregnancy is very low.

Condom tactics, advantages, disadvantages and efficacy
The condom is made of rubber like a chunha, which is open and close to one of the sticks. This is to wear genital penis. Condoms are available in different names. Such as King, Sultan, Panther, Magician, Sensation.

Work method
During sexual intercourse, sperm can not enter the virulence of women due to use of condoms. As a result, the woman is not pregnant because the sperm can not be exposed to the ovaries.

• Any male can use.
• Do not require any doctor’s support.
• Condoms are quite cheap and available to buy everywhere.
• There is protection against HIV / AIDS from various types of sexual diseases.
• Sexual intercourse is prolonged.
• Men are


allowed to participate in birth control.

• To be used in every sexual intercourse.
• Two companions have enough support.

By using condoms every time, it works out to 88%. If used with spermicide foam pills, it can be effective up to 99%.

Injection procedure, advantages, disadvantages and efficacy
Type 2 Injection – DMPA is dissolved in water, dissolved in water, 1 dose is in 1 fruity.

Work method
1. By making mucous membranes in the mouth, men can not enter the spermatozoa.
2. The ovaries obstruct the egg and prevent it from coming out.
3. The membrane changes on the inside of the uterus, so the egg can not sit in the uterus.

1. Safe and effective method.
2. Usage rules are easy (for 3 months).
3. There is no problem with blood clots.
4. There is no relation with sexual intercourse.
5. Privacy can be protected.
6. Pregnancy can be stopped.
7. Trained health workers can offer.
8. Breastfeeding mother can be taken to the baby.

• Many people are afraid to take injections.
• Can not take yourself.

Very effective about 100% of the share and safe birth control method.

Advantages, disadvantages and efficacy of IUD or Copper
IUD Intra Uterine Device is one of the things used to control the birth of the uterus. Many advanced types of IUD systems have been discovered. Currently Copper T is the most popular.

1. Easy to use.
2. Not to be remembered every day.
3. Do not interrupt sexual intercourse.
4. Chest milk does not reduce.
5. It can be opened at any time.
6. After the discharge, pregnancy power is returned.
7. Long-term contraptions can be done for many days.

Need to check yarn.

Very effective (94-98%) is a simple and long-term temporary method.

Norplant’s Tactics, Advantages, Disadvantages, Functions
Currently one dose of 6 types of capsules is available.

Work method
In this process, six small soft slim capsules (smaller than dandelion)

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